Vitaliy Vasylenko - 2022-10-24 17:25:58
DNS - Does Not Stable)

Olivia Mijnals-Ruimwijk - 2022-10-24 17:32:59
Hi everyone, I'm Olivia Ruimwijk from the RIPE NCC. This chat panel is meant for discussion ONLY. If you have questions for the speaker and you want the session chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window also stating your affiliation. Otherwise, you can ask questions using the microphone icon.

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Paul BD - 2022-10-24 18:10:30
Filtering IXPs IPs is stupid and make debugging harder.

Nenad Krajnović - 2022-10-24 18:13:08
No audio from the presenter.

Tobia Castaldi - 2022-10-24 18:13:37
is it better now?

Olivia Mijnals-Ruimwijk - 2022-10-24 18:14:32
Dear Nedan I can hear the presenter very well. If you need help resolving a technical issue, please write to opsmtg [at] ripe [dot] net or visit the ‘Virtual Tech Desk’ at

Nenad Krajnović - 2022-10-24 18:18:13
Restart of Meetecho session solve the issue. Thank you!

Olivia Mijnals-Ruimwijk - 2022-10-24 18:18:46
Good to read it is solved

Olivia Mijnals-Ruimwijk - 2022-10-24 18:31:41
This session has now ended. The next session is the Plenary, and it will start tomorrow at 09:00. More info on the RIPE 85 meeting plan: