Joachim Ernst - 2022-10-27 08:32:39
Good morning

Patrick Koetter - 2022-10-27 08:34:37
Good Morning

Patrick Koetter - 2022-10-27 08:36:08
Should I hear anything?

Patrick Koetter - 2022-10-27 08:36:17
My local audio works

Patrick Koetter - 2022-10-27 08:36:26
Now I hear!

Brian Nisbet - 2022-10-27 08:36:32
Nothing yet, we're going to give you speaker powers now.

Brian Nisbet - 2022-10-27 08:36:37
Ah, ok, great.

Patrick Koetter - 2022-10-27 08:38:50
I can hear you

Patrick Koetter - 2022-10-27 08:39:25
I had already been looking for a button to speak! :-D

Leo Vegoda - 2022-10-27 08:43:27
Good morning!

Tobias Knecht - 2022-10-27 08:48:35
Good morning everybody!

Gerardo Viviers - 2022-10-27 08:49:19
Good morning!

Ivy Agbo - 2022-10-27 08:54:21
Hi everyone, I'm Ivy from the RIPE NCC. This chat panel is meant for discussion ONLY. If you have questions for the speaker and you want the session chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window also stating your affiliation. Otherwise, you can ask questions using the microphone icon.

Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
The RIPE Code of Conduct:

Brian Nisbet - 2022-10-27 09:01:10
Good morning, we're just waiting for some more people to come into the room, so we'll start a little after 09:00.

Mick Begley - 2022-10-27 09:05:45
The shorts are back!

Brian Nisbet - 2022-10-27 09:29:38

Andrew Campling - 2022-10-27 09:30:43
It is tempting to discriminate between LEAs, depending on their location. However, this could strengthen the argument that the functions of RIPE and its peers should be moved under the auspices of the UN. So treating all LEAs equally, providing they have the necessary court orders, is advisable.

Leo Vegoda - 2022-10-27 09:38:26
Good selection of hoy sauces behind him :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper:

Gerardo Viviers - 2022-10-27 09:39:36
Apologies! Some shameless promo: If you're a RIPE NCC member and interested in attending the anti-abuse webinar, you can register here:

Patrick Koetter - 2022-10-27 09:43:51

Markus Zeilinger - 2022-10-27 09:55:30
Regarding MELANI, I am not sure whether this name is still in use, I think it is the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) nowadays:

Brian Nisbet - 2022-10-27 09:55:53
Ah, ok, cool.

Patrick Koetter - 2022-10-27 09:57:40
What is DNS Abuse – And What is Not?
See "Download topDNS Abuse Table" for a list of types of abuse at the bottom of the article

Brian Nisbet - 2022-10-27 09:59:01
Thanks Patrick.

Patrick Koetter - 2022-10-27 09:59:31
@Markus Zeilinger: You might be right about the change in MELANI's name. Seems it went unnoticed by me.

Ivy Agbo - 2022-10-27 10:22:55
This session has now ended. The next session is DNS Working Group, and it will start at 11:00 (UTC+2). More info on the RIPE 85 meeting plan:

Gerardo Viviers - 2022-10-27 10:22:59
Clap clap clap!

Tobias Knecht - 2022-10-27 10:23:23
Thanks everybody for joining in! Have a great rest of your day!