Anti-Abuse Working Group

Thursday, 27 October 09:00 - 10:30 (UTC+2)

Chaired By: Brian Nisbet, Markus de Brün, Tobias Knecht
A. Administrative Matters
  • Welcome
  • Scribe, Chat, Stenography
  • Meetecho Mic and Chat Etiquette
  • Approve Minutes from RIPE 84
  • Finalise Agenda
  • Code of Conduct
B. Update
  • B.1. Recent List Discussion
  • B.2. RIPE NCC Training Webinar
    Gerardo Viviers, RIPE NCC
  • B.3. RIPE Database Taskforce Outputs
C. Policies
D. Interactions
  • D.1. Update from German Anti-Abuse Group "KG Abuse"
    Patrick Koetter, sys4 AG
E. Presentation
  • E.1.
    Johannes Gilger, urlscan GmbH
X. A.O.B.
Z. Agenda for RIPE 86