Measurement & Tools Working Group

Thursday, 27 October 09:00 - 10:30 (UTC+2)

Chaired By: Massimo Candela, Nina Bargisen, Stephen Strowes
Welcome [5 min]
MAT Working Group Chairs
MVP: Measuring Internet Routing from the Most Valuable Points [15 min]
Thomas Holterbach, University of Strasbourg
Metis: Better Atlas Vantage Point Selection for Everyone [15 min]
Malte Tashiro, Internet Initiative Japan
ShakeAlert: Detecting Waves in the Internet Control Plane [10 min]
Marcel Flores, Edgecast
Kathará: A Lightweight and Scalable Network Emulation System [15 min]
Mariano Scazzariello, Roma Tre University
Impact of the First Months of War on Routing and Latency in Ukraine [15 min]
Valerio Luconi, IIT CNR
240/4 As Seen by RIPE Atlas [10 min]
Qasim Lone, RIPE NCC
Closing Remarks [5 min]
MAT Working Group Chairs