Presentation Archive

Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
Raymond JettenIPv6Welcome2022-10-10
Wolfgang TremmelPlenaryRFC9234 - Assigning Roles to BGP Neighbors2022-10-10
Gerardo ViviersAnti-AbuseB.2. Anti-Abuse Training - Progress Update2022-10-17
Geoff HustonPlenaryA Quick Look at QUIC2022-10-18
Rinse KloekPlenaryFiber to the Country2022-10-20
Andrei RobachevskyOpening PlenaryMANRS: Eight Years of Successes and Challenges2022-10-21
Ondřej CaletkaIPv6Deploying IPv6-Mostly Access Networks2022-10-21
Kostas ZorbadelosPlenaryAutomated Inter-AS Traffic Engineering: An Open Source Approach and Operational Considerations2022-10-21
Lia Hestina & Vesna ManojlovicTutorialRIPE Atlas Basic and Ambassador Workshop2022-10-22
Valerio LuconiMATImpact of the First Months of War on Routing and Latency in Ukraine2022-10-23
Balint CsergoDNSIntroducing DNSRocks, Meta's DNS Server2022-10-23
Andrijana Todosijević, Katarina SimonovićPlenaryperfSONAR - 20 Years Monitoring Internet Performance2022-10-23
Tobias FiebigOpening Plenary13 Propositions for a Burning World2022-10-24
Mirjam KühneNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE 85 Newcomers’ Introduction2022-10-24
Hans Petter HolenOpening PlenaryMeeting Logistics2022-10-24
Marco d'ItriRouting4. An Opinionated Review of RPKI Validators2022-10-24
Ulka AthaleOpening PlenaryNRO NC Election Overview2022-10-24
Mirjam KühneOpening PlenaryWelcome to RIPE 852022-10-24
Mariano ScazzarielloMATKathará: A Lightweight and Scalable Network Emulation System2022-10-24
Benno Overeinder and Jan ŽoržBCOP Task ForceIntroduction by the Chairs, Agenda Bashing2022-10-24
Kevin MeynellBCOP Task ForceMANRS BCOP Topics2022-10-24
Töma GavrichenkovBoFOutreach in Eurasia post February 20222022-10-24
Matthias WichtlhuberPlenaryIXP Scrubber: Learning from Blackholing Traffic for ML-Driven DDoS Detection at Scale2022-10-24
Marcel FloresMATShakeAlert: Detecting Waves in the Internet Control Plane2022-10-24
Maria Isabel Gandia CarriedoConnect4. Euro-IX Update2022-10-24
Jen LinkovaPlenaryThe World IPv6 Reunion Tour 2022: The Panel2022-10-24
Christian KaufmannPlenaryThe World IPv6 Reunion Tour 2022: The Panel - AKAMAI2022-10-24
Ivana GolubPlenaryNetwork Technologies and Services Development in the GÉANT Project2022-10-24
Ivana GolubBoFQuantum Internet Community Meetup2022-10-24
Peter STevensPlenaryMythic Beasts, IPv6 Launch2022-10-25
Valerie AuroraPlenaryHow Community Management Is Like Network Management2022-10-25
Branimir RajtarPlenaryFounding NOG.HR2022-10-25
Lefteris ManassakisPlenaryARTEMIS: An Open-Source Tool for Detecting BGP Prefix Hijacking2022-10-25
Lefteris ManassakisOpen SourceD. ARTEMIS: Demo of BGP Prefix Hijacking Detection2022-10-25
David MilesPlenaryThe World IPv6 Reunion Tour 2022: The Panel - Miles2022-10-25
Arnold NipperConnect5. Update on PeeringDB2022-10-25
Leandro BertholdoPlenaryOn the Asymmetry of Internet eXchanges Points. Why Should IXPs and CDNs Care?2022-10-25
Thomas DelabyConnect3. 400G Ethernet in the Field: Towards Game-changing Technologies2022-10-25
Angela Dall'AraAddress PolicyCurrent Policy Topics2022-10-25
Martin WinterOpen SourceA. Administrative Matters2022-10-25
Leo VegodaAddress PolicyA. Introduction2022-10-25
Annika HannigOpen SourceC. Infrastructure As Code: Managing IXP services Using Terraform and the IX-API2022-10-25
Marco SchmidtAddress PolicyFeedback from RS2022-10-25
Ignas BagdonasRouting1. Administrativia2022-10-25
Alexander AzimovRouting2. We Love Route Leaks2022-10-25
Malte TashiroMATMetis: Better Atlas Vantage Point Selection for Everyone2022-10-26
Massimiliano StucchiRoutingDo We Still Need the IRR?2022-10-26
James KennedyAddress PolicyB. ASO AC Update2022-10-26
James KennedyAddress PolicyD. (2022-02) Remove Mandatory IPv4 PA Assignment Registration in the RIPE Database2022-10-26
Massimo CandelaRoutingYou run out of excuses! It’s time to monitor your BGP and RPKI operations2022-10-26
Pablo Camarillo GarviaIPv6Path Tracing2022-10-26
Will van GulikConnect1. Opening2022-10-26
Nico SchotteliusIPv6Open Source NAT64 Implementations2022-10-26
Felipe Victolla SilveiraRIPE NCC ServicesB. RIPE NCC Operations Update2022-10-26
Leo VegodaAddress PolicyF. IPv6 Policy Goals - Review Process (Community Input Sought)2022-10-26
Luca SchumannDNSDNS Privacy with Speed? Evaluating DNS over QUIC and Its Impact on Web Performance2022-10-26
Fergal CunninghamRIPE NCC ServicesC. Reducing Barriers to Engagement2022-10-26
Athina FragkouliRIPE NCC ServicesD. Updates to the Registry from Distressed Areas2022-10-26
Kurt Erik LindqvistRIPE NCC ServicesA. Administrative Matters2022-10-26
Cigdem Gur SenolTutorialBGP and Routing Security2022-10-26
Brian NisbetAnti-AbuseRIPE AA-WG Agenda2022-10-26
Maarten AertsenOpen SourceEC's proposal for a Cyber Resilience Act effects on OSS and the Internet2022-10-26
Massimo CandelaMATWelcome2022-10-26
Massimo CandelaMATClosing Remarks2022-10-26
Michael RichardsonIoTSocial and Technical metrics for Trust Anchor resilence in (IoT) devices2022-10-26
Arturo FilastòDNSMeasuring Encrypted-DNS Censorship Using OONI Probe2022-10-26
Thomas HolterbachMATMVP: Measuring Internet Routing from the Most Valuable Points2022-10-26
Lauren CreanCooperationRouting Security: What is the role for policy makers?2022-10-26
Dave KnightDNSFewer Name Servers, More Addresses2022-10-26
Den IsDatabaseB. NWI Update2022-10-26
Den IsDatabaseD. Geofeed Discussion2022-10-26
Den IsDatabaseE. Proposal 2022-012022-10-26
Anand BuddhdevDNSRIPE NCC Update2022-10-27
Qasim LoneMAT240/4 As Seen by RIPE Atlas2022-10-27
Peter SteinhaeuserIoTIntroduction and House Keeping2022-10-27
Peter SteinhaeuserIoTRestricting device's network access using MUD files and automatic MUD file creation using OpenWr2022-10-27
Nick AllottIoTSecure IOT Gateways: Highlighting the Industry Challenges, and Identifying the Collaborative Innovation Needed to Address Them2022-10-27
João Luis Silva DamasDNSOpen resolver TF charter2022-10-27
Chris BuckridgeCooperationInternet Governance & the UN2022-10-27
Dragana IlicCooperationRegulatory framework for network and telecom operators in Serbia2022-10-27
Ed ShryaneDatabaseC. Operational Update2022-10-27
Mirjam KühneRIPE Community Plenary1. RIPE Chair Team Update and Ongoing RIPE Activities2022-10-27
Mirjam KühneRIPE Community Plenary2. Moderating RIPE Mailing Lists2022-10-27
Mirjam KühneRIPE Community Plenary3. Secret WG - What? Why? Who?2022-10-27
Bastiaan GoslingsCooperationRIPE NCC update (ITU Plenipot and other UN developments)2022-10-27
Lucien CASTEXCooperationSplinternets”: Addressing the renewed debate on Internet fragmentation2022-10-27
Svitlana TkachenkoPlenaryThe Internet in Ukraine: 200 Days of Resistance2022-10-27
Peter HinrichClosing PlenaryUse Cases for the Quantum Internet2022-10-27
Pavlos SermpezisPlenaryUnbiasing Internet Measurements: The Findings of the AI4NetMon Project2022-10-27
Daniel WagnerPlenaryThe Exertion of Setting Up P42022-10-28
Massimo CandelaClosing PlenaryYou run out of excuses! It’s time to monitor your BGP and RPKI operations2022-10-28
Oleg BasistyyClosing PlenaryVPN Generator for Censorship Bypass2022-10-28
Sjoerd OostdijckClosing PlenaryRIPE 85 Technical Report2022-10-28
Emil KošićClosing A Firmware Build Platform for the Enterprise2022-10-28
Mirjam KühneClosing PlenaryRIPE 85 Closing Plenary2022-10-28
Slobodan MarkovićPlenaryRemembering the Internet Revolution in Belgrade2022-11-01